Patronizing culture – Also called “Cancel Culture”

With decision no. 6300 of 09.01.2020, the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Young Persons indexed the web presence WikiMANNia as “harmful to young people”. Because “censorship” is such an ugly word, people prefer to speak of “youth protection”.

Everything can be found on the internet, from pornography to bomb-making instructions on Amazon to beheading videos of the IS on Facebook. But when it comes to criticism of feminism or criticism of the family-destroying family policy in Germany, the German state feels it has to intervene.

WikiMANNia documents without adopting what is documented as its own. There is no hatred, incitement to violence, racism or misogyny in WikiMANNia.

Germany continues the tradition of book burning, today with the means of the internet. In the 1930s, what was considered “harmful to the people” was defamed as “degenerate art” and banned. Today, the terms “Volk” and “volksschädlich” are avoided and instead “jugendgefährdend” (harmful to young people) is used, but they mean the same thing. If then “the Jew” was to be blamed for everything, today it is “the male”, especially “the white male”, or more precisely “the old white male”.

The perpetrators then, as now, are civil servants and state bureaucrats. Without this group of perpetrators, Hitler could not have committed his crimes at all. The culture of paternalism does not want to allow any criticism of politics; back then this was achieved through Gleichschaltung, today with “cancel culture” and “indexing”.

The German people are to be kept stupid and not to be made to doubt the correctness of politics in Germany by disturbing documentaries.

WikiMANNia, however, wants to enlighten the people and protect the youth from family destruction and state indoctrination.

Please help WikiMANNia in its struggle against the state culture of paternalism in Germany.

Thank you,
Jürgen Hass

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